DARPA APT Proposers Day

Teaming/Technical Exchange

DARPA strongly encourages teaming to ensure the expertise and capabilities necessary to meet program goals are available. Proposers Day registrants may choose to participate in the teaming activities by submitting the following information to DARPA-SN-18-05@darpa.mil no later than 12:00 PM EDT on Friday, December 8, 2017. This information is in addition to the templates provided in the Special Notice for the lightning presentation, poster and technical profile.

1. Contact information, including team lead name, organization(s), email, telephone number, mailing address, and website

2. Brief description of the team's technical competencies and relevant facilities

3. Desired technical competencies and facilities from other potential team performers, if applicable

A consolidated list of profiles will be distributed at the Proposers Day meeting. Specific content, communications, networking, and team formation are the sole responsibility of the participants. Neither DARPA nor the Department of Defense (DoD) endorses the information and organizations contained in the consolidated teaming profile document, nor does DARPA or DoD exercise any responsibility for improper dissemination of the teaming profiles.