About DARPA's Artificial Intelligence Colloquium (AIC)

The AIC will be held March 6–7, 2019 at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center. The AIC will highlight recent research results across the full breadth of DARPA’s investment in advancing the state of the art in AI. The AIC seeks to:
  • Strengthen and expand DARPA’s innovation ecosystem by engaging a broad range of scientists, engineers, and technologists across the nation’s academic and industrial bases;
  • Inform stakeholders of DARPA’s vision and priorities for AI, in the context of national security, to better enable collaboration and transition of technologies; and
  • Inspire the technical research community to seek research and development partnerships with the Agency by sharing DARPA’s record of innovative achievements.

Who should attend the AIC?

The AIC is for scientists, engineers, and technologists interested in current research results and thinking about the issues AI poses for the military and civilian society. The AIC is also for members of the Department of Defense interested in discovering and transitioning AI technologies into operational use.

Why attend the AIC?

The AIC will present cutting-edge results from research programs striving to advance the state of the art in AI. Talks will be geared to a technically inclined audience, but will not assume a deep knowledge of particular technologies or subfields. Presentations will focus on how the work fits within the larger context of AI, where substantial advances in the state of the art may appear and on what timeline. DARPA program managers will provide their perspectives on likely areas of future research and solicit community input through sidebar sessions.


AIC attendees will have the opportunity during the registration process to submit abstracts for consideration to attend a sidebar meeting with a DARPA program manager. All abstracts must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM EST, January 11, 2019. Please view additional information on sidebars.

Attendance Limitations

Attendance is limited to no more than two representatives per division/department, with a maximum of six attendees from one organization. We strongly encourage attendees to coordinate within their organization prior to registering.

Registration is now closed, we are no longer accepting additional waitlist requests. Please contact us at AIColloquium@sainc.com if you have any additional questions.