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This serves as the informational website for the ICRA 2020 Workshop on Subterranean Autonomy: Recent Advances and Open Challenges being held on Thursday, June 4 2020 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris.
Subterranean environments remain, in many ways, a hidden domain in spite of being relevant across a range of industries and applications. Such environments can vary drastically across subdomains such as tunnel systems, urban and municipal underground infrastructure, and natural cave networks. Furthermore, in time-sensitive scenarios, such as in disaster response, first responders are faced with a range of increased technical challenges, including difficult and dynamic terrains, degraded environmental conditions, severe communication constraints, and expansive areas of operation. These environments often pose too great a risk to deploy personnel.
Robotics offers a compelling answer to this broad set of challenges, but issues like time-sensitive missions will require systems-level approaches built with teams of cooperating platforms and advancements across a range of technologies, including autonomy, perception, networking, and mobility. This workshop will foster a discussion between the many disciplines required to meaningfully address the difficulties of operation in subterranean environments.

Tentative Schedule

                Defining the Problem 

0830 – 0900        Welcome & Background – Dr. Timothy Chung, DARPA
0900 – 0920        Stakeholder Speaker 1
0920 – 0940        Stakeholder Speaker 2
0940 – 1000        Stakeholder Speaker 3
1000 – 1030        Break & Poster Session / Demos

                             Where are we now?

1030 – 1100        Spotlight Talk – TBD (selected from abstracts)
1100 – 1130        Spotlight Talk – TBD (selected from abstracts)
1130 – 1200        Spotlight Talk – TBD (selected from abstracts)
1200 – 1230        Spotlight Talk – TBD (selected from abstracts)
1230 – 1330        Lunch Break & Poster Session / Demos

                             Where do we go from here?

1330 – 1530        Technology Area Group Discussion Part 1
1530 – 1600        Break & Poster Session / Demos
1600 – 1700        Technology Area Group Discussion Part 2
1700 – 1715        Closing Remarks – Dr. Timothy Chung, DARPA

Call for Participation

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