Virtual Department of Defense Human Factors Engineering

Technical Advisory Group (VTAG)

Tuesday, 29 June 2021 - Wednesday, 30 June 2021

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Human Factors of Data Driven Decision Making

Humans are often required to make decisions under time and contextual pressures, ever-changing environments, and incomplete or unclear data. Under these conditions, factors such as competing priorities, human condition, and perceived risk may compound to negatively impact the quality of these decisions.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) can ingest and integrate real-time information and metrics at volume and speeds beyond human capacity to support Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM) and outcomes. Employing underlying algorithms, data repositories, and intuitive visualization they enhance human capacity for making strategic, agile decisions and help mitigate impacts of human factors such as subjectivity, emotion, and disposition from the decision making process.

In order to have an effective, sustainable DDDM program, consideration of topics such as data security, accessibility, trust, integrity, visualization, analytics, recency, as well as transactional and mass validity are paramount. The individual and compounding effects of these considerations in conjunction with human factors of performance can manifest as positive or negative impacts to decision making, significantly influencing outcomes. Understanding the outcome variance related to these human performance shaping factors and integrating their effects algorithmically with system performance models will strengthen readiness transparency and enable predictive, strategic planning for resilience.

Advances and achievements in this area are anticipated to have broad application and implication across DoD and beyond. However, the efficacy of the approach to enhance decision quality is heavily dependent upon the quality of the underlying elements. Therefore, it is imperative that the HFE government, industry, and academic communities of interest work together to ensure best practices are balanced with security and governance as these core capabilities are developed. VTAG 2021 will provide a collaboration environment for discussion of human centric challenges and potential solutions in order to forge the future of DDDM cross-service solutions.

VTAG 2021 will place special emphasis on the theme of “Data Driven Decision Making,” however, we do not require abstracts to address this theme. We encourage you to submit abstracts that span contexts, domains, and HFE and Human Systems Integration (HSI) disciplines


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