Join OUSD A&S for a Joint Service exhibit of over 100 exhibits showcasing emerging technologies and energy community efforts to improve the ability of Joint Warfighters to operate in contested battlespaces, increase warfighter advantage in contested logistics, environments, advance demand reduction technologies, increase energy resilience, and deliver more power with secure energy. 



(Parking & Transportation)

The event is located at the  Pentagon Courtyard, second floor Apexes 1 & 2 and 9 & 10.

Public transportation is available by Pentagon Shuttle Services, Share Ride Services, WMATA Metro to the Pentagon Metro Station.  For attendees arring via personal vehicle, please click here for directions and parking options and to download an area map. 


(Metro Entrance Facility, MEF)

CAC holders with Pentagon "Swipe Access" can enter the Pentagon and proceed to the Courtyard, second floor Apexes 1 & 2, and 9 & 10. 

Individuals without Pentagon CAC "Swipe Access" must have a contact in the Pentagon that will complete"Pentagon Visit Request and escort you during the Energy Expo.  

Current Event Policies

(COVID Operation Status)

This event is rain or shine and located outside.  Due to the current Health Protection Condition (HPCON) level, click here to review the current visitor restrictions that are being enforced.

Participating Services and Sponsors

Exhibit details COMING SOON. Click on each seal to view each organization's exhibit list and with a description of the technologies on exhibit.


Over 100 Exhibits in the following Technology Types:

General Energy
Vehicle Electrification (Ground/Air/Sea)
Contingency Basing/Installation Energy Resilience
Batteries/Energy Storage/Energy Distribution/Power Generation
Alternative Energy Sources