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Tuesday, December 12, 12:00 pm ET

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Upcoming Presentations

Tuesday, December 12, 12:00 pm ET

Join us for our December webinar featuring Dr. Sina Najmaei of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, who will discuss his foundational work in materials science to accelerate revolutionary microelectronics capabilities for the U.S. military. Recognizing that artificial intelligence for Army platforms at the tactical edge will require new materials, he devised and brought to fruition novel materials and processes to embody neuromorphic computational and memory properties within single devices, mimicking the cognitive power of the human brain. Dr. Najmaei is now working with semiconductor foundries and numerous collaborators to scale the devices to production levels, enabling the Army to employ artificial intelligence for Soldiers, remote sensors, drones, and other small platforms in network-contested and energy-constrained battlefield environments.


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