Qualification Deadline

Workshop Qualification:
March 5, 2024 – April 5, 2024

Team Qualifications

Prospective DARPA Triage Challenge (DTC) competitors must demonstrate competition-appropriate performance capabilities to be eligible to participate in DTC. All teams in all three competitions (Systems Competition, Virtual Competition, and Data Competition) must complete two types of qualification: a Team Qualification at the beginning of each phase, and event-specific Event Qualifications for each Workshop and Challenge event. Successful Team Qualification is a prerequisite to Event Qualifications in the same phase.

Teams competing in multiple competitions will need to submit a separate qualification for each competition. 

The qualification application is expected to take several hours to complete. DARPA suggests drafting responses to the long-form questions in a separate document prior to starting the application process. All questions can be found in the DTC Team Qualification Guide. The site does not allow users to save a partially-completed application. 

Qualification Schedule

The Team Qualification window will take place at the start of each phase and the Event Qualification will occur prior to each event, approximately 6-8 months after Team Qualification.

Qualification submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and must be submitted no later than the listed deadlines to be eligible to participate in the events. DARPA will review the submissions and notify teams of qualification status within 10 business days after the qualification deadline. Teams are encouraged to submit their materials well in advance of the qualification deadlines. DARPA may request additional information or a teleconference with a team about their submitted materials.

DARPA retains the right to approve or deny team qualification based on materials submitted. 


For Triage Challenge Team Portal questions please email DARPATriageChallenge@sainc.com.
For questions related specifically to qualifications, please email TriageChallenge@darpa.mil.