DARPA Reefense Proposers Day


Interested attendees are welcome to augment their Proposers Day participation by submitting a two-page teaming profile describing: (1) their technical competencies and facility capabilities as they relate to the program and (2) the technical competencies they seek from potential teammates (Attachment 1 – teaming profile template). Profiles that do not use the provided template will not be included in the programmatic materials.

All teaming profiles must be emailed to DARPA-SN-21-07@darpa.mil no later than 12:00 PM EST on January 19, 2021. After Proposers Day, the teaming profiles will be distributed via email to all registrants. Specific content, communications, networking, and team formation are the sole responsibility of participants. Neither DARPA nor the DoD endorses any participating organization, nor does DARPA or DoD exercise any responsibility for improper dissemination of the teaming profiles.